October Meeting Recap

“Origami is such a great way to get your hands dirty with Math!” -Tom Hull in Between the Foldsimg_5712

The Southwest Chicago Math Teachers’ Circle had the privilege of having Dr. Mary Webster Moore lead our October Meeting. Mary recently retired after a 40-year career as a school principal, middle school math teacher, and college math education professor. During the past two decades, she has been a specialist in origami.img_5697

Mary led the participants in multiple constructions that can be used in elementary, middle, or high school classrooms. She also asked numerous questions to help the attendees to unpack the mathematics contained in the origami activities.img_5730

Everyone had a great time and we constructed several traditional origami art like the Masu Box, Star Box, and Cube. Below are some of our creations!img_5751

“As a mathematics educator, I’ve moved past seeing origami as a novelty; it is very much a part of who I am as a teacher and artist. It gives me different tools with which to think about my craft as a teacher; in several dimensions, one of which just happens to be mathematics. All models are mathematical in the deepest sense of the word; it is the essence of the origami art form.” 
-Dr. Mary Webster Moore

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2 Responses to October Meeting Recap

  1. mlwmoore says:

    I have only just looked at this article today. I just forgot to check. Thank you for the beautiful pictures and commentary. However, the opening quote is not mine. You can find it in the official trailer from the movie, Between the Folds: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tE4lqYzS2m0 That is why I had quotation marks around the quote, but did not remember the source. This morning, I took the time to look it up and found it. Please make this one small but significant correction. Thanks, again.


  2. amandaharsy says:

    Thanks Mary! I fixed the quote!


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