February 16, 2017 Recap: Cryptography

img_6012On February 16th, Dr. Sharon Robbert from Trinity Christian College led our second meeting of 2017. The topic was Cryptography and Dr. Robbert led our group on a classical Whodunit mystery. Throughout the session, we learned how to use different cryptography systems to solve clues to solve the mystery.
img_6014Some of the cryptographic elements discussed during the session included scytales, rail fence ciphers, shift ciphers, vigenere ciphers, one time pads, substitution ciphers, and more.img_5998

We ended the session with suggestions for how we can implement cryptography into our classrooms. Cryptography is a great way to engage students and connect to a variety of mathematical fields including, geometric measurement, modular arithmetic, statistics and frequency analysis, number theory and more.
img_6004Thanks Sharon for a great session! img_6009.jpg

Our next Math Circle Meeting won’t be until May 18th*6:00-8:30 pm at Lewis University. RSVP here: https://goo.gl/forms/iS5Bu8gj7ARPQ6vC3

See you next time!

*Due to K-12 testing schedules and spring breaks


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